The truth about Honey

Honey bees gather nutritionally rich nectar to which they add important enzymes, and probiotics. Honey is a concentrated source of natural ingredients with 180 valuable nutrients. Natural raw honey contains 5000 active enzymes, a complete range of vitamins, 22 amino acids and 27 minerals. Honey is a super food but only when it is cold extracted.

Our honey is produced and extracted in a manner resulting in a, not widely available, unique product, conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Almost all industrially produced honey is thermally processed (pasteurized) and filtered.

Why is honey processed?

The reason lies in the production costs of the honey industry. Cold honey flows slowly and so requires more time to be packaged. Heating the honey makes it easier and cheaper to manipulate. Though, thermal processing changes the composition of the honey, killing most of its active enzymes and diminishing its beneficial health properties and delicate floral aroma.

In the honey industry, honey is also micro – filtered, to prevent the natural phenomenon of crystallization, which is thought to reduce its attractive appearance and to have a more consistent color and greater clarity. During this process, most of its precious natural particles, like pollen, wax and propolis, which make raw honey so beneficial, are removed