Why Cretan Bee’s Honey?

The island of Crete is one of the best honey producing areas in the whole world due to its unique ecosystem of rich vegetation. Around 2000 species of plants can be found here with 190 of them are unique to the island.

Our family embraces the bee’s life and work with respect, responsibility and a lot of love, in recognition of its valuable contribution to man.
In this way we are able to offer you and your family high-quality sustainable organic products.

Our way of beekeeping.

In our effort to keep the high quality of Cretan Bee raw honey we rotate our hives to the blossoming area, either up on the mountains for the pine honey or closer to the sea where the herb thyme grows in abundance.

In this way we help Bees to be fed from various wild flowers, herbs or trees by allowing the bee hive to blend naturally different types of honey. We have the opportunity to harvest the special thyme honey enriched with wild herbs and the pine and thyme honey, that both contain one of the highest antioxidant activity ratings in the world. Antioxidants are important for neutralizing the harmful free radicals in our bodies, and in doing so they help to defend against ageing and disease.

  • We do not use any pesticides or chemicals to treat our hives.
  • We don't process our honey.