Shipping Information & payment

Worldwide orders for parcels that weigh 500gr- 2kg are being sent through Greek Postal service. (This is the cheapest shipping choice for small size, weight parcels.)

Our on line store is automatically calculating shipping costs according to the Greek Postal Service charges.

 Shipping costs for parcels that weigh 500gr is 10.00 euros

 Shipping costs for parcels that weigh 1000gr is 14.50 euros

 Shipping costs for parcels that weigh 2.000gr is 25.00 euros

DHL Shipping offer for E.U parcels that weigh > 4kg

In case your order weigh > 4 kg will be shipped through DHL.

Prices vary due to weight and size of the parcel.

4kg -- 8 kg parcels will cost from 23.00 euros up to 29.00 euros.

For any further information about shipping costs please contact us at:

Bank transfer information:

Alpha Bank  GR5101406690669002002014620 Markantonaki Ekaterini BIC CRBAGRAA or

Peiraiws Bank GR12 0172 7560 0057 5610 5908 895 Markantonaki Ekaterini BIC PIRBGRAAXXX